19 | 05 | 2021
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Sunday 17th July

16:00-18:00    Registration open
18:00-20:00    Evening drinks reception and buffet


Monday 18th July - The inner regions

08:45    Registration open
09:20    Phil Uttley - Welcome and Introduction
09:30    Andrew King - Accretion theory overview (review)
10:15    Chris Fragile - MHD simulations of accretion (review)

11:00    Coffee break

11:30    Julien Malzac - Corona and spectral states (review)
12:15    Peggy Varniere - A disk instability based classification for microquasars
12:35    Kris Beckwith - Long timescale variability in MRI-driven MHD turbulence

12:55    Lunch break    

14:30    Joern Wilms - Iron lines and reflection (review)
15:15    Mari Kolehmainen - Modelling the high mass accretion rate spectra of GX 339-4: Black hole spin from reflection?
15:35    Refiz Duro - Broad iron K alpha feature in Cygnus X-1 spectra with XMM-Newton

15:55    Coffee break

16:30    Shane Davis - Accretion disk spectra (review)
17:15    Chia-Ying Chiang - Modelling the Full X-ray Spectrum of MCG-6-30-15
17:35    Holger Stiele - Spectral investigations of black hole binary states: state transitions in GX 339-4

17:55    End of talks for the day



Tuesday 19th July - Polarisation and Jets

09:30    Dave Meier - Theory of jet production in accreting black holes (review)
10:15    Sera Markoff - The jet-accretion connection (review)

11:00    Coffee break

11:30    Peter Polko - From accretion flow to particle acceleration: new relativistic MHD jet solutions including gravity
11:50    René Goosmann - X-ray polarisation studies of black holes (review)
12:35    Jerome Rodriguez - Gamma-ray polarisation in Cyg X-1 seen with INTEGRAL     

12:55    Lunch break

14:30    David Russell - Isolating the jet in broadband spectra of X-ray binaries
14:50    Fraser Lewis - What can optical monitoring of X-ray binaries tell us?
15:10    Annalisa Celotti - AGN jets (review)

15:55    Coffee break

16:30    Dimitrios Giannios - VHE emission from black hole jets (review)
17:15    Dan Calvelo - Radio observations of Circinus X-1: The most relativistic jet source in our Galaxy
17:35    Sergei Trushkin - Giant radio flares from Cyg X-3

17:55    End of talks for the day



Wednesday 20th July - Variability

09:30    Tomaso Belloni - Black hole X-ray binary variability (review)
10:15    Adam Ingram - A physical model for the variability properties of black hole binaries
10:35    Piergiorgio Casella - Fast multi-wavelength variability from jets in X-ray binaries

10:55    Coffee break

11:30    Ian McHardy - AGN variability (review)
12:15    Simon Vaughan - X-ray spectral variability (review)

13:00    End of talks for the day (free afternoon)



Thursday 21st July - Variability (continued), winds and feedback

09:30    Paolo Soleri - Fast variability in the black-hole candidate Swift J1753.5-0127: the tracer of different accretion regimes
09:50    Sara Motta - Low frequency oscillation in black holes: a spectral-timing approach to the case of GX 339-4
10:10    Dong Lai - Excitations of global oscillations in black hole accretion disks and the physical origin of high-frequency QPOs
10:30    Tim Johannsen - Testing the no-hair theorem with quasi-periodic variability

10:50    Coffee break

11:30    Stuart Sim - Theory of accretion disc winds (review)
12:15    Maria Diaz Trigo - X-ray binary winds and warm absorbers (review)

13:00    Lunch break

14:30    Ivica Miskovicova - Spectroscopy of the stellar wind in the Cyg X-1 system
14:50    Elisa Costantini - AGN outflows and warm absorbers (review)
15:35    Jacobo Ebrero - A common origin for the X-ray and UV ionized gas in Mrk 509

15:55    Coffee break

16:30    Sibasish Laha - X-ray Warm Absorption and Emission in the Polar Scattered Seyfert 1 Galaxy Mrk 704
16:50    Margherita Giustini - Accretion disk winds in AGN: an X-ray view
17:10    Michael Wise - AGN feedback in clusters (review)

17:55    End of talks for the day

19:30    Conference dinner


Friday 22nd July - The wider picture

09:30    Roberto Soria - Ultra-luminous X-ray sources (review)
10:15    David Cseh - Bubble nebulae around Ultra-luminous X-ray sources and the case study of  IC 342 X-1
10:35    Natalie Webb - The intermediate mass black hole candidate HLX-1 in ESO 243-49

10:55    Coffee break

11:30    Matthew Middleton - Modelling ULX spectra through Eddington and beyond
11:50    Elena Gallo - Low-luminosity AGN (review)
12:35    Norbert Schartel - XMM-Newton observations of black holes
12:55    Lunch break

14:30    Jess Broderick - Is there really a dichotomy in AGN jet power?
14:50    Richard Plotkin - Expanding the efficacy of the Fundamental Plane: a tool to distinguish X-ray processes From weakly accreting black holes
15:10    Jenny Greene - Supermassive black hole demographics (review)

15:55    Coffee break

16:30    Niel Brandt - AGN evolution (review)
17:15    Eugenio Bottacini - Obscured accretion
17:35    Chris Done - Scaling spectra, variability and jet emission of black hole binaries to AGN

17:55    Close of workshop



Note: review talks will be 40 minutes + 5 minutes for questions, contributed talks are 16 minutes + 4 minutes for questions.  



William Alston - Probing the black-hole region in AGN with combined X-ray and UV variability studies

Montserrat Armas Padilla - Swift J1357.2-0933, a nearby very-faint X-ray transient

Daniel Asmus - MId-infrared properties of nearby low-luminosity AGN at high angular resolution

Magnus Axelsson - On the origin of black hole spin in Cygnus X-1

Pandge Mahadev Baburao - Detailed investigation of X-ray cavities in a poor cluster cD galaxy: NGC 6338

Rumen Bachev - Time asymmetry of the X-ray light curves of AGN

Sergey Balashev - Estimation of broad line region size of QSO1232+082 from partial coverage by an intervening H_2 absorption system

Subir Bhattacharyya - Broadband spectral modelinig of microquasar LS 5039

Chia-Ying Chiang - Modelling the full X-ray spectrum of AGNs with a relativistic reflection model

Yoon Young Chun - Bizarre Multiwavelength Behaviour of XTE J1752-223

Peter Curran - CXOU J174437.3-323222: A blazar candidate viewed through the Galactic centre?

Thomas Dauser - Modeling relativistic reflection around black holes

Gulab Chand Dewangan - Short-term X-ray spectral variability of NGC1365

Samia Drappeau - Self-consistent spectra from GRMHD simulations with radiative cooling: A link to reality for Sgr A*

Martin Durant - Extended X-ray emission around microquasar LS 5039

Krisztina Eva Gabanyi - Do double-peaked narrow-line AGNs host binary black holes?

Viktoriya Giryanskaya - Nonsingular electrodynamics of single moving black hole

Victoria Grinberg - Cyg X-1: Shedding light on the spectral variability of black holes

Nick Higginbottom - A radiative transfer code for modelling (BAL)QSOs

Judith Ineson - First results from the Chandra Environments of Radio-loud AGN (ERA) Survey

Karri Koljonen - The anatomy of major radio/X-ray flares in the enigmatic microquasar Cygnus X-3

Andrew Lobban - Contemporaneous Chandra HETG and Suzaku X-ray Observations of NGC 4051

Rachel MacDonald - Optical States During X-ray Quiescence in the Black Hole X-ray Binary V4641 Sgr

Frédéric Marin - Modeling the polarization of radio-quiet AGN from the optical to the X-ray band

Luca Naso - Semi analytic model for magnetic fields in accretion discs around neutron stars

Rodrigo Nemmen - Unifying black hole jets: The connection between blazars and gamma-ray bursts

Zaza Osmanov - On the synchrotron emission sustained by the quasi-linear diffusion in AGN

Daniel Plant - Investigating spin estimates using reflection features

Gabriele Ponti - CAIXA III: a Catalogue of AGN In the XMM-Newton Archive III. Excess Variance Analysis

Sandra Raimundo - Mapping the dynamics of stars and gas in the central regions of MCG-06-30-15

Amy Scott - New constraints on the X-ray spectral properties of type 1 AGN

Emilio Tejeda - A test solution for relativistic accretion onto a Kerr black hole

Zhen Yan - A UV flux drop preceding the hard-to-soft state transition during the 2010 outburst in GX 339-4

Yi-Jung Yang - Black hole accretion at very low luminosities: example from MAXI J1659-152

Wenda Zhang - Multi-waveband observations of MAXI J1659-152 during its 2010 outburst

Zhaoyu Zuo - Simulating the X-ray evolution of late-type galaxies with evolutionary population synthesis