19 | 05 | 2021
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Installation Instructions for School-related Software

Scripts for X-ray/Multiwavelength days:

You will need to download the .isisrc* file and unpack them in your home directly.


This is a  gzipped, tar file that contains the following files:


These files are meant to be unpacked in your main directory. In the main .isisrc file, there is a path variable that needs to be edited to point to your main directory, so that the other .isisrc_* files will be loaded as well. Important Note: These files contain on only Michael Nowak's own custom S-lang routines. You still need to download and install ISIS separately, following the software installation instructions!

** For an ISIS introduction see J. Wilms' lecture on X-ray astronomy **

Matrix of install info:

The point of this is to see who's done what on which system, so you can get ideas or also ask for help if you have a particular system. It's also for the reference of the teachers!


Name Operating System Software Succesfully Installed? Software problems encountered, quick description of fix
Daniel Asmus Fedora 11, 32bit, KDE All CASA problem "xvfb" errors. Turns out this was fixed in the final version linked now from the install pages. So if you run into this
problem on linux,please make sure to use the updated links.
Amy Furniss OS 10.6.3 All Error when configuring Heasoft6.9, fails due to C compiler. Turns out that the .bashrc was set up as herself not as root, so the system was pointing to the wrong gcc/gfortran compilers. Once the root environment was set up correctly, it compiled.
Joel Fridriksson Fedora 13 All Got message about missing directory during Isis install "make check". Turns out that write-up was specific for 64 bit, said to configure with flag --with-slanglib=/usr/lib64, but since he's on 32 bit, the correct path is /usr/lib, and then it worked fine.
Sibasish Laha Ubuntu 9.04 32bit All  
Benjamin Mück Ubuntu 10.04 64bit All  
Holger Stiele OS 10.6 All Had some trouble making sure right compilers seen (very important!) and paths like $HEADAS known when compiling Isis. To be safe, starting a new xterm can make sure all environments you set are initialized correctly. But these are the first things to check when encountering errors.
Dmitry Svinkin Ubuntu 10.04 All Needed to install xvfb from Ubuntu repository for CASA, solved problem. Issue with AIPs on startup.
Montse Padilla OS 10.6 All All installed fine. Got "bus" error when trying to run Xspec, though!
Viktoriya Morozova Ubuntu 10.04 32bit All but AIPs Trying to work it out locally, more info to come?
Jing Jin Ubuntu 10.04 All Link on page was broken for download. We have fixed! Also had xvfb error with CASA.
Salome Dibi Mac OS10.6 All  
Mahmoud Mohamed Ubuntu 10.04 32bt All xvfb problem with CASA, will try above fixes. Works now!
Sara Buson Ubuntu 10.04 32bt All Having a couple CASA issues, one is the xvfb issue everyone is getting, likely solved by installing from repository. The other is during a data loading test.
Petri Savolainen Mac OS10.6.3 All  
Alida Odendaal Ubuntu 10.04 64bit All seem ok so far
Feng Gao Fedora 8 All but CASA working on xvfb issue
Alberto Cañellas i Pagès Ubuntu 8.04 All  
Jiri Svoboda openSUSE 11.2, kde, 32 bit All  
Zhongli Zhang Ubuntu, 64bit All  
Ivica Miscovicova Ubuntu 8.04, 32bit All  
Valentina Fioretti openSUSE 11.1 All  
Samia Drappeau Mac OS10.6 All  
Peter Polko Mac OS10.6 All  
Sara Turriziani Ubuntu 9.10 32bit All so far so good, apparently the s-lang that comes with Ubuntu is outdated compared to what Isis needs (2.2.2) so she had to download that separately. I've heard this from several students so be aware if you are using linux that you will need to do this!
Dusan Onic Ubuntu 10.04 All all ok except AIPs error on startup, working on a fix now, but may be /etc/services TV issue again (see link Victoria posted!). Indeed it was!
Alexis Coleiro Mac OS10.6 All Having trouble with Heasoft, maybe issue with compiler install. Solution: didn't wait until prior steps were finished! Now everything works :)
YiJung Yang Mac Os10.5 All but AIPS AIPS installed but having some problems getting output on terminal
Victoria Grinberg Mac OS10.6.4 All "Shared memory id failure: Invalid Argument" message when running the AIPS test, no TV visible. Solution for the problem can be found under: http://www.aoc.nrao.edu/aips/aipsmgr/
Georges Younis Ubuntu 8.04 All  
Breanna Binder Mac OS10.6 All  
Tao Chen Mac OS10.5.8 All Had an error related to an undefined DATA area in AIPs. Solution: reinstall and then in screen 7 replace the default data area ($AIPS_ROOT/DATA/LOCALHOST) to the area he defined
David Cseh Mac OS10.6.4 In progress Having some compiler problems with Heasoft, working on it
Victoria Heard Mac OS10.6 All May even have found workaround for compiler issue!
Sheetal Saxena Mac OS10.5 All so far so good
Elise Egron Ubuntu 8.04 32 bit In progress Working on a few AIPs related issues
Tyrone Woods ? In progress  
Alicja Wierzcholska Arch Linux 64bit All