19 | 05 | 2021
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# MWA 2010

# Most of the data required for the radio tutorials can be obtained by
# using wget, e.g. using this as a shell script.
# Most of the data sets are quite small; the sizes are given for those
# above 1 GB
# The total size of the basic data is under 4 GB but you will need up
# to the same again for imaging (allowing for more than one attempt at
# some stages).
# To download and process all the data, up to 10 GB would be useful,
# although less would suffice as you can delete data when you have
# finished with it (although you might want to practice later).

# You will still need to download scripts or use the web pages (since
# these may be updated, it is best to get the latest version when you
# need it)

# basic data - CASA installation test
wget ftp://ftp.jb.man.ac.uk/pub/amsr/CASA/3C277.1/3C277.1.CAL.SPLIT
wget ftp://ftp.jb.man.ac.uk/pub/amsr/CASA/3C277.1/3C277.1_I.IMAGE

# basic data - AIPS installation test
wget ftp://ftp.jb.man.ac.uk/pub/amsr/AIPS/3C277.1.WTMOD
wget ftp://ftp.jb.man.ac.uk/pub/amsr/AIPS/3C277.1.IMAGE.FITS

# basic data - CASA calibration, imaging and polarization
wget ftp://ftp.jb.man.ac.uk/pub/amsr/CASA/3C277.1/3C277.1.MULTTB

# basic data - CASA spectral line 1.9 G
wget http://casa.nrao.edu/Data/EVLA/IRC10216/day2_TDEM0003_10s_norx.tar

# basic data - AIPS VLBI 1.2 G
wget http://archive.jive.nl/exp/N09L2_090602/fits/n09l2_1_1.IDI
wget http://archive.jive.nl/exp/N09L2_090602/pipe/n09l2.antab.gz
wget http://archive.jive.nl/exp/N09L2_090602/pipe/n09l2.uvflg

# EVLA CASA imaging 3.0 G
wget http://casa.nrao.edu/Data/EVLA/3C391/3c391_ctm_mosaic_10s_spw0.ms.tgz

# CASA Simulations
wget http://www.merlin.ac.uk/ERIS/CO_CLUSTER.FITS.gz

# ATCA spectral line CASA
wget http://www.merlin.ac.uk/ERIS/ATCA/PAIR12.FIT

# Combining arrays AIPS
wget http://www.merlin.ac.uk/ERIS/MRK273/MKN273_EVN.UVDATA
wget http://www.merlin.ac.uk/ERIS/MRK273/MKN273_MER.UVDATA