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P1: Multiwavelength Studies of Low-Frequency Radio Transients

P2: Spectral Variability and Timing of X-Ray Binaries: A Global Approach

P3: Power Density Spectra in Accreting Black Hole

P4: Spectral Comparisons of Neutron Star Low Mass X-Ray Binaries to Black Hole X-Ray Binaries

P5: Constraining Strong Gravity Using Iron Line Features in Black Holes

P6: Decoding Black hole Variability

P7: Feeding the Monster: Wind Accretion in Black Hole Binaries

P8: Constraining Black Hole Accretion Physics through Multiwavelength Observations

P9: Bubble Nebulae of Ultraluminous X-Ray Sources: Towards Intermediate Mass Black Holes?

P10: Constraining Jet Physics and Formation

P11: Black Hole Grand Unification